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Lower Financing Cost. Higher Profitability.

Whatever be your business, if you are a supplier of a large corporate dealing in manufacturing, logistics, services or retail, you can gain access to collateral-free working capital in just a day or two.


01 Faster Fund Disbursal: Get working capital finance in 24-72 hours

02 Collateral-Free: Leverage your unpaid invoices without pledging assets

03 Easy Digital Process: Quick, easy and hassle-free process to secure funds

04 Shorter Cash Cycles: Receive timely access to capital & speed up your cash cycles

05 Mutual Benefit: Allows bigger corporates to extend payment terms and suppliers to get paid earlier

What is SME Invoice Financing?

The invoice discountingfacilities provides working capital to businesses and their suppliers with quick access to unblock working capital. As an off-balance sheet solution, the invoice discounting platform allows businesses to use unpaid invoices as a collateral to get immediate working capital, thereby helping in growth and further expansion.


The supplier will have to register for the SME invoice financing solution online.

Upload Approved invoices

Upload all the approved invoices in the SME invoice financing platform and mark a copy on the email to the corporate

Check discount rate

Suppliers view their invoices and the flat percentage discount that applies to their invoices

Payment Request

Suppliers request the amount of fund required based on the flat percentage discount and the invoice amount.

Fund disbursal

SME disburses the working capital fund requirement to the supplier

Anchor Repayment

Client enterprises make the invoice payment on the due date which is credited to the SME account.